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Self Love is Great, But...

Feb 16, 2022

For a long time I believed that once I lost the weight, THEN I’d be happy, confident, proud, and could finally love myself. But I had to lose the weight first.

Turns out, if you’re always looking for your external result (weight loss) to create your internal feeling (self love, pride, joy, confidence), you will ALWAYS be at the mercy of that result. 


Not to mention, if you can’t love your body or yourself now, as you’re losing the weight, then all you can do is try to hate yourself thin. (This is a classic sign you’ll immediately re-gain the weight.)

That’s why I help clients do both at the same time - lose excess weight AND increase your self love. 


Join me on today’s episode where I share: 

  • Why increasing your self love speeds up your weight loss. 
  • How to let go of ‘earning’ your own self love or the love of other people. 
  • Why it feels hard to love your body now at a larger size or weight. 
  • How to create a weight loss process and journey from self love, instead of from punishment and judgment.  



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Episode 24 - Self care isn’t just bubble baths


When you’re ready to stop obsessing about food and having to earn your self love with your weight, schedule your free consult at

I’ll teach you how to eat healthy without needing willpower or feeling deprived, and let go of the shame and judgment that’s held your hopes and dreams hostage for years.

I guarantee it’s easier than you think.