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Overcoming Diet Trauma

Oct 16, 2022

Most diets are designed to take food away, especially the food that tastes good. 


We moralize food, making it good or bad, and then we moralize ourselves based on what we ate. 


How many times have you thought something like:

“I was so good and only ate a salad at lunch.” 


“I was so bad and ate pasta last night at dinner.”


These are the kind of diet rules that set us up for diet trauma, because now whenever you eat the “bad” food, it triggers an alarm within your nervous system. 


It’s time to break the cycle. 


Join me for today’s episode where I break down: 

  1. What diet trauma is. 
  2. Why so many of us struggle with it without even realizing it. 
  3. The first step to breaking this cycle. 


And if you’d like my help to break the diet rules and heal your past diet trauma, then I’d love to help. 


Schedule your free call at and I’ll help you create a personalized plan to end the war with food and feel amazing in your body starting now, and all the way down the scale.