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Money Mindset with Shannon Brome Ward

Sep 17, 2021

“Everything you’ve ever been taught to think about money is WRONG.”


That’s right, we’re talking about money again, because stress, fear, and anxiety about money are very common drivers of emotional eating. 


Talking about money is often neglected or frowned upon, unless you specifically seek out personal finance topics. 


But who really wants a restrictive budget that doesn’t let you buy lattes, get your nails done, or “splurge” on things you simply enjoy?!


It’s just like with food - any restrictive budget you’ll end up throwing to the wayside like any restrictive diet. 


I actually call my budget a “spending plan” because to me, even using the word “budget” brings up scarcity and this feeling that I’m bad for spending money (even though spending money is part of life). 


We need to normalize conversations about money and I hope this episode gives you hope and encouragement that you can make a spending plan that meets your lifestyle needs, just as easily as you can make an eating plan that meets your lifestyle needs. 


And that’s why I’ve got the lovely Shannon Brome Ward on the podcast today! 


Shannon is a Certified Money Mindset Coach who is passionate about helping high-income earners living paycheck-to-paycheck find out where their money is going, build wealth, and lose the guilt, fear, and shame about money.  

There was a time when Shannon believed that getting out of debt meant depriving herself of everything fun - shopping, dining, vacations. She wanted to be debt-free, so she’d take the all-or-nothing route, but she always ended up miserable.

Shannon tried all kinds of strategies before finally discovering a plan that changed her money mindset forever. She paid off her debt, saved for retirement, and invested in real estate. Her new life with money allows for fun, sustainability, and generates the security that she and her family now enjoy.


What's in this episode:

  • 11:40 How to identify your current money story 
  • 19:24 Debunking the belief that money is hard to create and hard to keep
  • 24:00 Tips to become more aware of your money without the guilt.
  • 31:52 How to open up topics about money with your partner in a more respectful, collaborative way.
  • 39:12 How to approach spending money if you're not contributing financially to the household.


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