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Bonus: Finding Your Fit-Tribe with Nicole Norris

Jun 24, 2021

If you have kids, you know full well becoming a mother is one of the greatest life changes. Your priorities change, your schedule changes, and it might seem impossible to maintain an exercise routine, despite your best efforts. 


There are just so many competing priorities as a mom, it can feel hard to prioritize your own mental and physical wellness. 


That’s why I have Nicole Norris, owner of FIT4MOM Western Wake County, on today’s bonus episode! Nicole is a kick@ss mom of three whose life completely changed mentally and physically beginning in 2013 when she attended her first class. Nicole’s now on a mission to help moms find their strength in Motherhood. 


So how can you reclaim your mind and body strength as a mom without sacrificing your "baby and me time"? 


Find out how in today’s episode.


What’s in this episode:

  • How Fit4Mom changed Nicole’s life forever. 
  • How to find a deeper purpose and meaning through life’s obstacles. 
  • Overcoming self doubt 
  • Finding your fitness tribe with like-minded women  


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