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Becoming a High Performer with Dr. Kerry Petsinger

Sep 23, 2021

How many times have you thought, "who am I to do that," or "I'm not good at that?" 


Don’t worry, even high achievers and successful people have these thoughts; the difference is that they’ve learned how to work through them. 


You see, clarity comes from taking action, NOT from having the “perfect” plan or it being the “right” time. But you need to have the right mindset in order to take action consistently. 


If you feel a tug at your heart that you’re meant for something more, then THIS is the episode for you! 


Today I’m joined by Dr. Kerry Petsinger, a Mindset and High-Performance Coach who helps people master their inner game. She specializes in turning dreamers into doers with her free 5 Day Mornings That Matter Challenge, so that you can start each day feeling unstoppable. 


In this episode, we cover topics about mindset, procrastination, comparing ourselves to others, and all of those self-sabotaging beliefs that could be the reason we feel trapped and unable to move forward on our goals.


What’s in this episode:

  • 5:27 How our mindset holds us back from creating the results we want in life
  • 10:02 Being mindful of misinformation
  • 19:21 How to work on your self-belief
  • 23:39 How to feel more comfortable with failure
  • 30:05 What to focus when you fall into the trap of comparison 


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