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Bonus: Creating True Health with Janice Lo

Jul 23, 2021

With all the programs about diets, exercise, or even the "standard body-shape" most companies promote, it’s easy for us to get fooled about what having a healthy lifestyle and body can look like. 


The truth is, having a healthy body (and one you love) is more than exercising every day or eating the foods you think you “should be” eating. Real health looks at your entire well being, your mind, body and spirit, and it’s only sustainable when you’re healthy in all three areas. 


That's why I'm so excited to talk with my friend, Janice Lo of Not A Diet. Janice is a nutrition coach focused on helping busy people get their best health without restrictive diets or extreme workouts. 

Join us as we dive into creating true health in today’s episode.  


What’s in this episode:

  • How different cultures affect your perception of foods and body image.
  • Why being thin or skinny doesn’t guarantee your health.
  • How to define what health means to you.
  • The impact of social media on body image and self love.
  • How to find movement you love and enjoy. 


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