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Summer Reboot

Jun 22, 2022

There are some long-standing beliefs out there that weight loss has to be hard, painful, or a struggle.

You have to give up sugar or wine or carbs, stop eating out, and avoid the “bad” foods you love so much.

You have to break family traditions, avoid the neighborhood BBQ’s, or try to muster up more willpower to not give in. 


But I want to let you in on a little secret…

You don’t have to sacrifice weight loss to enjoy the summer.

And vice versa. 


The key comes down to giving yourself permission to lose weight on your own terms, YEAR-ROUND, so that you’re not using your summer vacay, holidays, or extra time with the kids as an excuse to overeat and over-drink. 


Ready for a Summer Reboot? 

Listen to the Body You Crave Podcast this week and you’ll learn how to say yes to more travel, eating out, and neighborhood block parties, without feeling deprived, obsessing about food, or fretting about sabotaging your goals. 

It’s time for a summer of BOTH: FUN & WEIGHT LOSS. 


If you’re ready to eat healthy and lose weight, without feeling deprived or needing massive willpower, I’ll show you how to create lasting results that work for YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

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