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Creating Certainty in Weight Loss

Jun 14, 2022

Often we think about emotions as sabotaging our weight loss progress, but some emotions can actually be extremely useful.


And the  #1 most useful feeling? 




Because when you’re certain you’ll hit your weight loss goal, there’s peace, ease, and patience for the process. 


This is the mindset “work” required to not just lose your weight, but maintain it for life. 


Tune in to today’s episode and you’ll learn: 

  • The #1 most important feeling to fuel your weight loss success. 
  • 3 mistakes sabotaging your weight loss progress. 
  • How to start feeling certain today that you can and will hit your weightloss goal.


And when you’re ready, here’s how I can help: 


If you find yourself gaining and losing the same 30+ pounds over and over again, then we need to chat. I’ll help you create peace and ease around food and body, so that you can lose your weight for the last time. 


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