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How to Make Better Decisions

May 03, 2022

For years, I struggled to make decisions.

Mostly because I was afraid of making the “wrong” decision, and the wrong decision always = regret, disappointment, or some other negative emotion.

So in an effort to avoid the negative emotions, my brain learned it needed to make the “right” decision. 

From what I ate for dinner, to where I went to college, to deciding how to invest in myself and my business, decisions often felt very hard. 


And it makes sense, because the way we’re taught to make decisions are to list out all the pros and cons of each decision… which only leads to more confusion, overthinking and indecision, as you try to figure out what cancels this, how that offset that over there - it’s a bloody nightmare. 

To make it worse, your habit brain has gone to town looking for all the ways to keep you safe.

It often sounds like this:

  • What if you try again and can’t break past that weight loss plateau? 
  • What if you lose the weight, but gain it right back again… just like you did the last 3 times? 
  • What if you leave your partner, only to realize no one else will ever love you? 
  • What if you take a new job or move to a new state and hate it? 
  • What if you make the “wrong” decision, and not only are you stuck with the natural consequences, but you’re stuck beating yourself up, feeling all the shame, regret, and disappointment again? 


This is normal.

Our habit brain is DESIGNED to look for all the worst case scenarios, so that it can keep you safe and alive.

But this also means we “play it safe” and stay in our comfort zone instead of going after our big dreams and goals. 

We make decisions out of fear of what we’ll be ‘losing,' instead of what you're gaining.

I want to offer another way.

This week’s episode of the Body You Crave Podcast is all about How to Make Better Decisions.

In it, I share: 

  • The #1 reason decision making feels so hard, and how to change it ASAP. 
  • Why your current decision making process (i.e. list of pros and cons) isn’t serving you. 
  • My 4 step process to make confident decisions with ease, so that you can create the life you crave instead of letting life happen to you. 
  • Why you’ll always experience excitement AND fear when making big decisions, and how to go for it anyways. 


And when you’re ready to stop swirling in indecision, feeling overwhelmed and terrified of making the “wrong” decision, I can help.

Whether you want to lose weight, end emotional eating, create peace with food and your body, or strengthen your self confidence and self trust, then I can help.

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