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How to Stop Eating to Feel Good

May 03, 2022

Last weekend I noticed I REALLY wanted ice cream, even though I was definitely NOT hungry.

I put the baby to bed and then got really curious about why I really wanted dessert…

And the answer came to me in a matter of seconds.

Even though it had been a great day, I noticed I was telling myself things like: 

  • I’ve got so much to do with work… 
  • I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done… 
  • I only got 1 thing done instead of all 3… with a subtle “it’s not enough” undertone. 
  • Zach will be traveling next week, so I’ll need our babysitter more in the evenings, which means I’ll have less time overall to work in the afternoons undistracted… 


I was totally in overwhelm, and I just didn’t take the time to calm my brain down and redirect it.


I would be eating to feel better.

To relax and unwind, to stop dreading the week and my “lack of time.”

Ultimately to escape my thoughts. 


This is emotional eating.

It’s a habit your brains learns that has you reaching for food (typically when you’re not truly hungry), because it knows food creates a rapid, reliable, and effective sense of relief.

And the beautiful thing is that if it’s a habit you learned, it’s a habit you can UNLEARN!

Just like I did.

So once I realized I wanted the ice cream because I was overwhelming and stressing myself out, I asked what I really needed in that moment instead. 

And the answer was rest.

I was tired.

I didn’t feel great, I hadn’t slept a lot in the couple nights prior, and even though it was 9pm and we had friends over, I just wanted to go to bed (without eating the ice cream).

I didn’t worry what other people thought of me. 

I didn’t stress that this was “our time to hang out” now that the kids were all in bed.

I honored myself and what I really needed in that moment (which wasn’t ice cream). 


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