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Conditional Belief

Mar 14, 2022

Everyone’s brain is wired for disbelief because your habit-brain is simply trying to keep you safe and wants to avoid the threat of negative emotions (disappointment, shame, frustration, etc). 


In order to ‘hedge our bets’ we often make our belief conditional on past results, hitting certain benchmarks, etc. 


“I’ll believe in myself / my goal, BUT ONLY IF… I lose 10 pounds this month.” 


“I’ll believe BUT ONLY AFTER I prove it to myself first.”  


Not only do we make our belief conditional on our results, but then we make our action and commitment conditional. 


“I’ll keep taking action, BUT ONLY IF I keep getting results.”

Which means the moment the scale doesn’t cooperate the way you think it should, your belief, commitment, and continued action waiver. 


Today’s podcast episode dives deeper into this topic of conditional belief, why it’s normal, and how you can move through it faster. 


You’ll learn: 

  • What ‘conditional belief’ is and how it blocks you from creating the results you crave. 
  • Why setting better or “SMART” goals won’t actually help you lose weight and love your body any faster. 
  • Why nothing has gone wrong when you experience doubt and disbelief in your journey. 
  • The #1 essential step to move through doubt and fear faster. 


Not only will I help you craft a weight loss plan that’s fun, easy, and doable (so that you can lose weight and actually keep it off for life), but I’ll help you bring that plan to life. 

 I’ll help you stay on track, walk with you side by side, and hold your hand through the hardest parts, so that your results become 100% inevitable. 

And when the doubt and fear creep in, because this is all part of the process, I’ll help bring you back into belief, so that you can keep taking action and moving forward no matter what. 


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