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Needing a Break From Weight Loss

Feb 24, 2022

Have you ever needed a break from losing weight? 


A break from the hassle, heartache, and constant deprivation? 


Or maybe life was a little overwhelming and you couldn’t maintain your diet with everything else going on?  


Whether you’ve hit a lull in your New Year’s goals, or you find it hard to maintain your weight loss goals during the summer, holidays, when you change jobs or move houses, then this episode is for you. 


I’m diving into the real reason you’re looking for a break from weight loss and exactly how YOU (and only you) have the power to change it. 


Join me on today’s episode where I share: 

  • The 2 underlying reasons you need a break from weight loss and how to change them.  
  • The REAL thing we need a break from (hint: it’s something only you can change). 
  • 2 simple steps to feel better about your weight loss journey and current progress. 
  • Why it’s essential to figure out why you’re not taking action


If you’re ready to eat healthy without needing willpower or feeling deprived, and let go of the shame and judgment that’s held your hopes and dreams hostage for years… it’s time to schedule your free consult at

I guarantee it’s easier than you think!