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5 Reasons You’re NOT Addicted to Sugar

Feb 09, 2022

Sugar is one of those “easy villains.”

It’s easy to attack it and talk about how evil or toxic it is, and some have gone as far to claim that you may be addicted to it.

But that’s just fake news.

You might be using sugar as a coping mechanism, but that’s vastly different than a true, physical addition. 

The reality is sugar is fine in moderation - we're just not good at moderating because of our food rules.

I'm breaking it all down for you in today's episode.


You’ll learn: 

  • 5 scientifically backed reasons you’re not addicted to sugar. 
  • Why we’re misguided in trying to link sugar with hard drugs. 
  • Why a craving, urge, or strong desire for sugar doesn’t mean you’re addicted (and what it means instead). 
  • Why restriction actually increases desire and over-consumption. 
  • How to decrease your desire for sugar, without willpower. 


And when you’re ready to end your war with sugar and learn how to lose weight eating the foods you love, I’ll show you how.

Schedule your free consult at and we’ll spend one hour together diving into where you are now, where you want to be this summer, and everything that’s truly standing in your way.