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3 Steps to Beat Procrastination [& Get Unstuck]

Feb 04, 2022

A few years ago I had a marketing job, and even though it wasn’t hard, it wasn’t specifically what I wanted to be doing. 


My manager would come in with a task and I would often find myself spinning around in my chair to pop open my snack drawer thinking, “a snack will make this better.” 


Later I’d find myself procrastinating going to bed with yet again another snack in order to make me feel better (usually because I didn’t get enough done during the day). 


Procrasti-snacking is a classic sign of emotional eating. 


We’re simply turning to food to solve an emotion; to create a sense of relief, ease, or comfort. 


Ready to ditch procrastination, procrasti-snacking, & overwhelm for good, so that you can create the life your truly crave?


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