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Combatting the Fear of Regaining Weight

Jan 18, 2022

While many women are curious when I talk about losing weight eating the foods they love, there’s also a sense of fear and anxiety that it won’t work for them and they’ll end up gaining the weight back. 


And I get it. 


I struggled for years and years to lose weight in college, so when I did, I felt like I needed to hold on for dear life. Because the thought of going back to who I used to be… was terrifying. 


Not because of my weight. 


But because of what I was making my weight and body mean about me. 


It was the shame and guilt that drove me to run every day, even when I was injured. 

It was the self judgement and criticism that had me avoiding carbs like the plague. 

It was the constant barrage of how I wasn’t good enough, thin enough or pretty enough that kept me trying to run more and low-carb harder. 


I lived in a constant state of fear and judgement as I lost the weight, so naturally that’s where I lived once the weight was gone. 


And this is the part we don’t think about. 


We’re often promised that everything we want will come AFTER we lose the weight. 

You’ll feel happy, confident, proud. 

You’ll compliment yourself all the time. 

You’ll actually look at your reflection in the mirror without criticism and judgement. 

Your spouse will want you more. 

Your kids will magically behave everywhere you go. 

You’ll finally be worthy of praise and adoration. 


It’s a load of pooo. 


You get to start feeling proud, confident, happy, and successful NOW - whether you have 5 pounds to lose or 50. 


You don’t have to “earn” it with weight loss. 


Ready to stop living in fear of food? 


I’ll show you how to lose weight AND keep it off eating the foods you love. 


Not only will you lose the physical weight, but you’ll drop all the mental and emotional weight that comes from riding the diet roller coaster from Hell for years. 


Schedule your free consult and I’ll show you how.