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Handling Holiday Stress & Overwhelm

Dec 16, 2021

Ever feel like the holidays are stressful?

"There’s so much to do and not enough time!"


The problem is that we blame situations for our stress & overwhelm instead of understanding where stress REALLY comes from. 

Stress is a FEELING, which means it comes from our THOUGHTS.


You create YOUR OWN STRESS, just like I create my own stress.

And that's the beautiful part - because now I get to be the solution instead of someone or something outside of me.


Join me on today's episode where I share:

  • The REAL source of your stress and the secret to eliminating it.
  • Why emotional eating is so common this time of year, and the #1 place to start solving for it.
  • How to become the hero of your own life (and stressful situations), rather than needing other people and things to change for you. 
  • The missing link to creating more of what you want in every area of life (especially during the holidays).


And when you're ready to take this work deeper and truly learn how to change your emotional eating habit for good, schedule your free consult.

Together we'll create a vision and action plan for where you want to be in 6 months and how to actually get there - without sacrificing holiday parties, time with friends and family, or the foods you love.

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