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Overdoing it During the Holidays

Nov 23, 2021

Thanksgiving is upon us! 

And given that Thanksgiving is the #1 overeating day of the year, it's high time we talk about overeating, over drinking, why we do it, and how to break that pattern this year. 

A lot of people, articles, new stories are going to give you a lot of tactical advice about how to not overeat... 

Things like:

  • Keep all the food in another room,
  • Leave white space on your plate,
  • Don't go back for seconds,
  • Wait 10 min before getting seconds,
  • Avoid parties or events with any food / drinks that might tempt you


BUT, they miss the REAL, root cause of your overeating and over drinking habit. 

Your thoughts. 


Join me on today's episode where I share: 

  • Why it's so easy (and common) to overdo it during the holidays.
  • Why just focusing on the tactical steps won't truly change your overeating / over drinking habit. 
  • How to make it easy to say no or stop when you're satisfied, without feeling deprived or restricted.  


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