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The Surprising Power of Tiny Habits

Nov 17, 2021

Success doesn’t come from massive changes; it comes from doing simple things consistently. 

That's the power of 1% improvements and the compound effect.

The biggest obstacle to small, simple changes, however, is our brain telling us things like, "that's not good enough," or "you should be doing more."

The reality is small, 1% changes ARE good enough and create massive results and outcomes when we give it the time and don't give into those sh*tty thoughts.


Join me for today's episode where I break it all down for you:

  • How 1% changes create massive momentum and results in any area of life.
  • Why we struggle with small steps.
  • Why "smarter" goals are the solution, and what is instead.
  • The 2 core foundational keys to sustainable weight loss.


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