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How to Stop Dreading the Scale

Sep 27, 2021

Have you ever avoided the scale, thinking “I don’t have the mental strength for this today,” or “I can’t handle the stress and anxiety?”


I used to be terrified of the scale, of a number, because of what I was allowing that number to mean about ME.

I gave the scale so much power over my happiness, my confidence, my self esteem, my self-worth.

I let that number dictate what I should and shouldn’t eat, and how much I needed to punish myself in the gym that week.


Maybe you can relate? 


Look, this is not a healthy relationship to the scale; it’s not a healthy relationship to YOURSELF.

We’ve been hypnotized into believing that the number on the scale defines who we are.

Our worthiness.

Our lovability.

Our value in the world.


And so until we HAVE weight loss or the “right number,” we can’t BE those things.

So naturally we want to restrict, deprive and cut as much weight as quickly as possible, because ultimately we just want to feel happy, worthy, valuable, loved.

This is living in DIET HELL.

The anxiety, stress, shame and judgment we often attach to our weight is completely OPTIONAL.



The number on the scale only defines you if YOU allow it to.

That’s why today I’m teaching you how to change your relationship to the scale, so that you can stop creating so much unnecessary suffering for yourself. 


You’ll learn:

  • Why we dread the scale so much.   
  • How to change your thoughts about the scale and your weight.
  • How to use numbers as data, instead of a weapon against yourself. 
  • Why it’s essential you track non-scale victories. 


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