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How to be Consistent

Sep 20, 2021

I’m so excited that fall is here!!! 


But as we wind down September and head into October, we head straight into the holidays… which often creates challenges for people staying consistent - ESPECIALLY with their weight loss goals. 


How many times have you looked at the Halloween candy bowl and thought “screw it, I’ll start again in January?” 


Or maybe it was closer to Thanksgiving when everyone’s making your favorite foods, desserts, the wine is flowing and holiday parties abound? 


Either way, one of the problems we have in creating consistency is that we don’t have a REALISTIC plan that fits any stage of our life. 


The weight loss industry is SOOOO quick to tell you what to eat and what to avoid, and that you just need more willpower and commitment to follow through. 


Bullshit, my friends. 


Stop “shoulding” on yourself for not being able to stay consistent with this fictitious diet and exercise plan when you do NOT live in a fictitious world! 


Creating consistency with weight loss IS possible, regardless of travel, holidays, special events, nights out, sick kids or any other circumstance that comes your way. 


Listen to today’s podcast and I’ll show you how. 


What’s inside: 

  • The 3 pillars to create anything you want in life.
  • Why we struggle so much with creating consistency in weight loss.
  • The two essentials for creating consistency with your habits. 
  • What’s really required for sustainable weight loss (and what’s not).


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Episode 1: The #1 Reason Diets Fail

Episode 2: The REAL Formula for Weight Loss

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