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08: 20 pounds down in ONE week

Jul 20, 2021

No that’s not a typo - I lost 20 pounds in the week following Caleb’s birth. 


No gimmicks, no tricks, no magical potions - simply eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was satisfied. I focused on the basics of fat loss, but then felt a little stuck after hitting that 20 pound mark. 


I only gained 25 pounds, so I was expecting the last 5 pounds would magically fall off just like the first 20… but they didn’t. 


This wouldn’t have been a problem, except that I had a friend who lost her baby weight (and belly) within 6 weeks of having her baby, so I created a lot of pressure and expectations about what my body “should” look like (and in what time). 


While my body was changing over the next several months, the scale didn’t return to normal like I hoped, which led to a bit of frustration and disappointment with myself… 


But what I realized was that I wasn’t going to lose these last five pounds overeating, emotional eating, and giving into cravings and urges. What got me here, wasn’t going to get me there. 


Join me on today’s episode where I take you through my postpartum weight loss story, not just to encourage and inspire you, but to show what a REAL weight loss story looks like. 


What’s in this episode:

  • How to stop comparing your body to other moms’ and make peace with your postpartum journey. 
  • Why tracking progress outside of the scale is so important + ways to do that. 
  • Cravings, food urges, and the real reason we keep reaching for food.  
  • What I did to lose my baby weight that you can start implementing TODAY.  


Ready to end emotional eating, lose excess weight and feel amazing in your body? 

Head to where I share the counterintuitive reason why all your attempts to restrict food over the years has actually led to WEIGHT GAIN, and the mental “switch” you need to flick that’ll let you drop lbs, without sacrificing wine, carbs or the foods you love.

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