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Ugh, Why Did I Eat That?!

Jul 06, 2021

Have you ever woken up in the morning after an overeat or emotional eat the night before and thought to yourself, “ugh why did I eat that?!” 


This used to happen to me ALL THE TIME! 


And while my overeats are now few and far between, I over ate a couple weekends ago (because sometimes I still overeat or emotionally eat - and it’s ok). NOTHING has gone wrong.


But it’s important that you DO answer the question of “WHY - Why did you eat that last night?” And look at it from a place of curiosity instead of shame and judgement. 


You’re not playing the victim, or turning into a whiny baby about how you can’t ever get your shit together and you’ll never figure this out. 


You’re not jumping on the shame train and beating yourself up all day, swearing off carbs, sugar or alcohol for the next week. 


You’re ALSO not burying your head in the sand, thinking “whoops, I’ll do better next time,” without a clear plan of how to actually get “better.”  


Instead, I want you to learn how to assess your overeat. 


Assessing gives you data (i.e. more details), and once you have these details, you can start to piece them all together and get a clearer picture of WHY you ate. 


You can start to look for patterns, because the more you learn to assess from a place of curiosity and compassion, the more you see the patterns, and the more you’re able to stop them before they start. 


If you’re ready to break your overeating or emotional eating habit, then you’ve got to figure out WHY you’re doing it in the first place. Join me on today’s episode and I’ll teach you how. 


What’s in this episode:

  • How to let go of shame and judgement after you overeat. 
  • My simple process to identify the real reason you overate.
  • Behind the scenes of my personal overeat from two weeks ago and how I processed it.  


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