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Busting Perfectionist Fantasies

Jun 22, 2021

A perfectionist fantasy is a fantasy about being perfect, because you erroneously believe that if you were perfect, then you’d create the results you want.

So for example if you stick to your diet perfectly then you’d lose the weight and have the body you crave. (And you’d finally be happy, proud, confident - all the feelings you think losing weight will give you.) 


But because it requires perfection it’s ALWAYS a fantasy. 


Logically we know we can’t be perfect, and yet we still create these grandiose plans as if one day we could be... only to end up beating ourselves up later when we don’t measure up. 


Maybe you’ve thought, “if I can’t do it perfectly or exactly as I “should,” then I’m not doing anything at all.”

Or maybe it sounds like, “screw it, I already ruined the day with that donut/candy/cookie - I’ll just try again tomorrow.”

Or maybe you swear off sugar for the day, but before you know it you’ve popped a handful of m&m’s in your mouth and it’s only 10am. Why keep punishing yourself if you’re not going to hit your goals? Just start fresh tomorrow… 


We think we need massive action to be successful, and if we can’t do it and do it perfectly, then we give up on ourselves before we even start. 

Listen in and I’ll show you a better way. 


What’s in this episode:

  • Why creating perfectionist fantasies is our favorite hobby. 
  • How to break the cycle of perfectionist fantasies and the trap of tomorrow.
  • How perfectionist fantasies show up in my life and the lives of my clients.


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