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The First Step to End Emotional Eating

Jun 22, 2021

Emotional eating might seem like a heavy topic… in fact you likely have lots of ideas about what it is / isn’t.

Emotional eating doesn’t mean you wake up from a trance-like state with chocolate smeared on your face, crumbs running down your shirt, empty wrappers sprawled about. 


Emotional eating is simply any time you reach for food to avoid/distract yourself from a negative emotion. 


Most of the time, you’re not hungry when you’re emotionally eating - you’re simply looking to relax, unwind or destress.

Emotional eating is simply a habit you learned, which means it’s a habit you can unlearn! 


Right now your brain has determined that food is the most reliable, rapid and effective way of creating a sense of relief. That’s it. 


You’re not a terrible person, you’re not addicted to food, there’s nothing wrong with you - you simply are in the habit of eating to avoid negative emotions.

Keep listening to learn the first step to end emotional eating… I guarantee it’s simpler than you think! 


What’s in this episode:

  • The first (and most important step) to end emotional eating. 
  • Why this first step might feel hard in the moment. 
  • How past diet rules are sabotaging your current weight loss progress, and what you must do to overcome them. 


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