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The REAL formula for lasting weight loss

Jun 22, 2021

The diet and fitness industry is FULL of secrets and formulas to lose weight… in fact, one of the most pervasive (and false) formulas is the myth surrounding calories in / calories out.

That’s a whole episode on it’s own, but today I want to share the REAL formula for weight loss, and I guarantee it’s not what you’re thinking…


If we go back to episode 01 where I talk about what it means for a diet to work - it means that you lose the weight and NEVER gain it back. That’s why I focus on lasting weight loss or sustainable weight loss. Because gaining and losing the same 30 pounds over and over only erodes your self confidence and self belief. 


Look, you don’t need me to tell you there are A LOT of diet rules out there… so many that contradict one another it’s hard to know what to even follow.

But the reality is WHAT you eat isn’t near as important as WHY you’re eating.

Keep listening and learn the REAL formula for weight loss. 


What’s in this episode:

  • The missing piece in your weight loss formula (which keeps you gaining the weight back no matter how hard you try).
  • How to take radical responsibility for your actions and inactions (ie procrastination)  
  • Why happiness doesn’t come from the number on the scale, and what it really comes from instead. 


Ready to end emotional eating, lose excess weight and feel amazing in your body? 

Head over here where I share the counterintuitive reason why all your attempts to restrict food over the years has actually led to WEIGHT GAIN, and the mental “switch” you need to flick that’ll let you drop lbs, without sacrificing wine, carbs or the foods you love.


Episode 01: The #1 Reason Diets Fail 

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