lose weight without sacrificing family events, holiday parties, or the foods you love

(even during the holidays)

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In this free masterclass you'll learn how to:


❤️   Enjoy the holidays without fear of packing on the pounds, or stressing about every carb, calorie or piece of chocolate that crosses your lips.


❤️  Create a weight loss process that works for you in ANY season of life (especially during the holidays) so that you can get off the all-or-nothing diet train once and for all. 


❤️   Make weight loss feel EASY and FUN, no matter how hectic or overwhelming life gets.


❤️  Experience more love for yourself and others, and create the best holiday season you’ve ever had.

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Tuesday Nov 30 @ 8pm EST
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Meet your host:

Jillian Lama is the creator of the Body You Crave Method and the Body You Crave Podcast. She teaches high caliber women how to end emotional eating and lose weight eating the foods they love.  

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